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Maintenance club

Join our comfort club for only
13 dollars a month!!!

Call now!!!
  • One Year Warranty on all mechanical parts replaced by us.
  • Annual maintenance on heating systems - a complete 23-point tune-up
  • Annual maintenance on air conditioning system - a complete 40 point tune-up, including outdoor coil cleaning
  • 15% discount on heating and air conditioning repairs
  • 5% discount on duct cleaning services
  • 5% discount on heating and air conditioning replacement equipment
  • No overtime charge 
  • Portable air conditioners available for emergencys

Which do you think would cost less? Taking your care in for a regular service visit …
Or waiting for something big to go wrong?

Which would be smarter? To see your doctor for a regular checkup …
Or wait till you’re on the operating table?

It’s really not a question, is it? You know it’s safer, smarter, and more economical to catch little problems before they become big ones.

Well, the same idea – preventive maintenance – applies to your heating and air conditioning system.

Why? Coils and filters get dirty. Refrigerant leaks. Electrical components wear out. These and other things cause your system to run inefficiently, even fail prematurely. And that costs you money – in higher monthly electric bills, untimely repairs, or even the premature replacement of the entire system.

You don’t need any of that. That’s why, at Farha, we offer the Comfort Club maintenance program.

As a Comfort Club member, you get two regular service inspections a year, in the spring and the fall.

Our experienced and courteous technicians will come and perform a thorough inspection covering more than three dozen service items.

For example, we’ll inspect and clean the coils and filters in your air conditioner unit, clear the condensation lines, and check for proper Freon levels.

We’ll oil the indoor and outdoor motors and inspect other electric components – all with the goal of preventing expensive problems down the road.

“I was at a client’s home earlier in the season, doing his scheduled maintenance … I noticed that his capacitor was beginning to fail. I recommended to him that he replace it, and he decided to. This saved him a repair in the middle of the season which paid for the service agreement alone.”

“Recently I was on a repair call that could have been prevented with maintenance. I was up in an attic. I found duct work that was disconnected. They had no idea they were wasting all this energy to cool off the attic.”

In the fall, we’ll run a similar check of your heating system, for performance and safety. For example, we’ll check to make sure there are no cracks in the heat box that could let dangerous carbon monoxide escape into your home.

And after each service, we’ll give you a printout showing the work performed and the condition of your system – the good, the bad, and the iffy. You get the information you need to make smart decisions about maintaining your system.

And in addition, as a Comfort Club member, you’re also entitled to priority service – that means you get an immediate response when you need service. You also get a discount on parts and labor.

And the good news is, the cost of membership can be more than offset by the potential savings.

There have been studies by LSU that actually shows homeowners that they can save up to $30 a month in their utility cost.

Typically if you take just the 30 bucks a month times 12, 360 dollars a year, our maintenance agreement doesn’t even cost that much, so you’re getting paid to have your system maintained …”

“I believe that having a service agreement is an investment …

I believe that the couple of hundred dollars a year that I have invested in the service agreement has probably saved me thousands of dollars over the years.”

“You wouldn’t drive your car around with an oil leak. Well, you don’t want to run your air conditioner with a Freon leak. You want to keep your radiator clean on your car. You want to keep your condenser clean for your air conditioner as well. This all goes back to having … scheduled maintenance which can prevent breakdowns in the future.”

The Comfort Club service program – It’s a smart investment in your family’s comfort … and your peace of mind.

And it’s backed by the people you count on for service – Farha Refrigeration , Heating & cooling.

Don’t wait for minor issues to become major problems. Join the Comfort Club today!

As a Comfort Club ™ Member, you receive:

Air Conditioner Maintenance - One annual tune-up, a professional cleaning of your air conditioner, as well as one thorough safety check, usually performed in late Spring.

Furnace or Heater Maintenance - One annual tune-up, a professional cleaning of your furnace, plus a thorough safety check, usually performed in the fall before winter comes.


Membership Benefits Include:

Expand the Lifespan of Your Heating and Air Conditioning – You can expand the lifespan of your heater and air conditioner for almost twice as long. It’s like getting 2 air conditioners and furnaces for the price of 1. The yearly maintenance and preventative services that you receive as part of your Comfort Club membership allows you to effectively double the remaining life of your HVAC.

Save Some Green and “Go Green” – Your savings on energy bills can easily pay for the small annual fee for the Membership Club. In fact, this is the closest thing to a fail-safe investment with guaranteed profit. You will also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are helping the environment by saving energy.

Premier Client Privileges - As a Comfort Club member, you enjoy VIP treatment and special privileges. If you ever need air conditioning services, air conditioning repair, heating repair, heating services, furnace repair, or furnace services, rest assured that you will immediately go to the front of the line and receive priority status when requesting your appointment.

Don't delay! If you take care of your heating and air conditioning system, it will take care of you. If you are ready to start enjoying your Comfort Club membership, then enroll today! Call Farha Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating.

Comfort Club Membership by Desert Comfort Mechanical

A membership designed to save you time and money with numerous members only benefits.

Desert Comfort Mechanical will keep your home comfortable year round.

With 2 scheduled AC and Heating inspections per year, your family will keep comfortable year round.

Priority Air Conditioning Repair Service for the people you care about the most.

Enjoy the benefit of priority scheduling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

There are many ways to save money with a Comfort Club Membership.

Comfort Club Membership = Savings

Benefit from reduced rates on all air conditioning and heating repairs and unbeatable discounts on equipment replacement.

Watch your electricity usage decrease from having a clean and properly tuned up air conditioning and heating system.

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